Surgical Eyelid Surgery

What is Eyelid Treatment with Non-Surgical Plasma Energy?

This treatment is applied around the eyes especially since it does not damage the surrounding tissues. It is used to remove sagging bagging and wrinkles in the eyelid. Also, the wart around the eyes is used for removing spots, scars and scars.

How to Apply a Cover with Nonsurgical Plasma Energy?

The skin is numbed using local anesthetic creams. An operating environment is not required. Drugs given after application must be used regularly. Baby soap can be used for cleaning. Crusting occurs in the laser applied area in the first week. These shells fall within 7-10 days, pink healthy skin comes out underneath and this area should be covered with foundation or concealer sun creams and protected from the sun.

Who is Suitable for Non-Surgical Plasma Energy Cover Application?

It is suitable for people who do not want to undergo surgery, who do not want to stay away from social life, who are not suitable for surgery that may have bleeding problems, in the eyelids or the entire face area. It can also be used in the young age group.

Who is not suitable for Operation with Plasma Energy Without Surgery?

It does not apply to those with chronic skin disease and autoimmune diseases.

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