Eyebrow Transplant

About Process of Eyebrow Transplant

Along preliminary examination, patient’s donor area and planting area are examined. Meantime, patient’s donor area thickness and number of planting grafts are determined, and patient is informed about utilizing techniques. Per patient and expert Co-decision planting area determines by line and passes to the next stage.

Under local anesthesia eyebrow transplanting operation, lasts about 3 hours. Grafts are extracted from donor area by micro-motor device and extracted grafts are kept into specially improved vitamin contained solution shocking. When extracting process finishes, passes to planting process and grafts are moved onto planting area one by one. After transplantation process, one other treatment is recommended to strengthen planted grafts.

The next day after plantation, patient’s donor area and planted area are washed accompanied by expert. While this process, patient gets information about washing and nursing to keep clean donor area and planting area and to avoid infection risks.

Per demand for beard/mustache transplantation, you can keep in touch with us; test analysis demands are accepted free of charge and you can ask for appointment. We offer you our partners and contracted clinics quotation.

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