FUE Hair Transplant

Currently the FUE hair transplant is the best way to successfully recover your own hair. In this baldness treatment technique only individual hair, the so-called follicles, are removed from the scalp. This is a major step forward from the now obsolete FUT method where strips of skins where removed from your scalp.

The FUE hair transplant, a custom-made baldness treatment to recover your lost hair.

The attending physician uses a special instrument to extract your follicular units that leaves only tiny punctures on your scalp. Those are small units of closely spaced single hairs. In our hair loss clinic those hair follicles are extracted and placed on the desired areas of your scalp.

It is a labor of precision, which takes a little longer to perform, but gives excellent results. You do not have to worry about having huge wounds on your neck or other parts of your body. The small punctures made by the surgery heal quickly by themselves.

The price for a FUE hair transplant is higher than that of the old FUT method. This is mainly due to the sophisticated technique and the longer duration of the treatment. Before the procedure, you will be examined to ensure suitability. As unfortunately, not every patient is eligible to hair surgery.

Regarding the procedure in our hospital we will create a cost plan, but also the complete travel organization. You only have to book your flight to Istanbul; we’ll take care of the rest. So you get all the benefits of our offers firsthand so you can focus on the preliminary examination and the subsequent hair loss treatment.

What are the steps of an FUE transplant ?

Currently, the FUE hair transplant is the best baldness treatment available. As mentioned before, we do not perform strip surgery (method FUT). Only the hair follicles are collected with a special instrument called the Choi Implant.

After extraction of your hair follicles (a follicle is the cavity in which the hair takes birth) by tiny perforations, thanks to the Percutaneous method. These are then transplanted back on your scalp where you need to increase your hair density.

An intervention with the FUE method takes longer than with other hair surgery techniques but will give a better end result. You will not have large scars on your donor areas and the micro-perforations heal quickly. Thanks to this the postoperative recovery time is thus greatly reduced.

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