Manual FUE

There only a few “high-end” clinics which can offer only manual FUE.

What is Manuel Fue?

With this technique we extract grafts one by one with optimum quality and number, without damaging the donor area.

Grafts are felt by hand and extracted one by one.

Specialist can thus respond much better to the skin conditions and work more carefully.

This method enables us to work cleaner, renders fewer scars and wounds, heals much faster after the operation and enables a higher social confidence.

Protecting the grafts and the donor area during the extraction process and protecting the homogeneity of the donor area is the most important issues in this technique

We keep the homogeneity of the donor area intact. You have to examine closely to realize it.

We care and plan the direction and the angle of each hair. So that we reach the optimum naturality.


PREPARATION: Shave the donor area or the whole head with local anesthesia

COLLECTION OF GRAFTS: Isolation and extraction of the hairs with manual punch and micro-clips.

IMPLANTATION: micro-incisions in the balding area (with needle or micro scalpel) and graft placement in the incisions

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